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Living Lozano LettuceEgg PlantEgg PlantButternut Bundt CakeLozano LettuceMedium Floral BouquetLarge Floral BouquetWatercressMed. BouquetLg. BouquetRosemaryGarlic ChivesRed Russian KaleTuscan Herb Lamb SausageTender Swiss ChardLacinato "Dinosaur" Kale Book Signing EventPremium Mixed GreensMixed red/green lettucesRustic Fruit TartBeefsteak TomatoesPecan PieCSA Half Share ExampleCSA Single/Couple Share ExampleCSA Family Share ExampleMember Meal with Our Roasted Peppers, Tomatoes, & PeachesWood Just In Time!Lots of Arugula!Bibb (Buttercrunch) LettuceSnowy DayCSA Single/Couple Share ExampleHalf ShareWinter 2014Staging a Member's Open House with Our TomatoesRoasting Sinclair Farm Peaches & PeppersMember Meal with Roasted Shishito PeppersBear Destroyed Bee HivesRacoons Climbing Tree Stand LadderSmile:  500 - 600 lb. BearLocal Food Time TickerSun Dried Share BagsSun Rise on the FarmGala Apple from the ValleySun Set on the FarmEgg Layers To Be"My Turn to Drive"Egg Wash MotivatorSoap CuringWound GoopBee Keeper at workJoint WarmerFrench ClayBaby Swiss ChardLavendar SoapCalandula CutSnow storm @10amArugulaRed Leaf Lettuce"Tomato Candy"WatercressLots of Cherry TomatoesBear print outside the Hoop-houseSouthern Pecan PiePacked Tomato CandyHarrow Eastern View from the top of Sinclair farmTop of the HillBeefsteak TomatoesMammoth SunflowerSinclair Farm to the EastAlmost there!Cherry tomatoes soon!Ready to package.Our ol' cowsAfter the SnowFall ViewLast one out is a rotten what???Mass ExodusLet's EatMe First!Ready to PickUp Close Mini CukesBee HousesWhat was this???Mmmm...greensWe'll melt the snowSpring SunriseWashed EggsBees on our farmMini English CucumbersChicken Salad-All for meChicken PatrolMini English CucumbersGertrude boning up on tiller repairs Bibb LettuceVirginia GrownBut I am drinking the waterMeat chickensAlmost ready to harvestA Basket full!Growing in the Greenhouse